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Core Values

abide by integrity

Foreign win the trust of customers and establish a good brand reputation;

internal gain the trust of employees and establish harmonious and efficient management team.


always lag behind similar, only the development of innovation;

Follow change with the times, the pursuit of excellence.

win-win cooperation

customer focus, caring staff, concerned about all the partners;

The pursuit of the good cooperation with all relevant parties, and common development through cooperation.


management philosophy

Professional Managers Trader

We believe a competent professional manager should have the following qualities:

(1) deep into the corporate culture, and create a harmonious atmosphere, cultivating cohesion and solidarity organization members;

(2) having a global view and strategic thinking, innovation, responsibility, accept the challenge;

(3) have the awareness and ability to cross-sectoral cooperation, adhere to the principle under the premise of the initiative to communicate and solve problems;

(4) good employer, to act as the role of coach, coaching and leading the team;

(5) upright, honest and dedicated, objective and impartial evaluation and motivate members of the organization.

frequency of interaction, written conclusion, E hand, the feed results

When urgent thing in a variety of ways to interact with the phone, meetings, interviews, etc。, do not worry things by mail, after the conclusion of communication “ write ” down afterwards to take the initiative back results。

truthfully simple, provide recommendations to promote the implementation

advice may be specified in the proposal and by whom, and to promote the implementation.

Our concept of quality

Objective: to meet or exceed customer expectations

approach: customer satisfaction, quality first; rapid response, prevention oriented; continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence.

promise: Paul returned one month, one year warranty and lifetime service twenty-four hours to respond to customer needs

Guidelines: In “ integrity ” for customers, creating a “ peace ” internal and external environment; people-oriented, give full play to each person's initiative; results-oriented, with the most simple the method of solving the most trivial things; it is one of three basic principles of our business and management

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